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The 21st century could be called the era of technological innovation in the history of the Valeo. In manufacturing, we apply findings from the research which plays one of the most important roles in the development of our company. Researchers have to strengthen our technological lead and enhance our strategy of differentiation in a highly competitive market. We manufacture and look for solutions to match drivers’ needs as closely as possible. We also collaborate with students and provide them with training under the supervision of experts.



Technological background


Innovation and investment


We work for the best

Read the stories of our technicians about the diversity of work on technical positions.

Jaroslav Stašek

Jaroslav Stašek

Industrial project manager

Jaroslav joined Valeo as a fresh graduate with no experience. He considers the career shift to his new position to be his biggest success. His current mission is to start the production of a new product. Read more. 

David Jirák

David Jirák

Industrial and Process Engineer

David started at the position of a trainee in the department of process engineering in Valeo and after graduating from university he remained in the company on the position of Process Engineer. He is proud of every completed task. Read more.

Jan Bosák

Jan Bosák

APU Manager

Jan started at the position where he led a team of about 6 people. Today he manages the entire production department with 200 employees. Read more

Josef Váňa

Josef Váňa

The head of the hydraulic press room

Josef works at the company for 15 years. During this time the department of the hydraulic press became the best hydraulic press room in the framework of the Valeo group. He likes his job and he still has the feeling that there is a room for development. Read more

We appreciate your efforts


You can take up to 6 weeks vacation depending on the profession and location

Regular bonuses

Monthly bonuses dependent on the results of the team or the site


An open-ended contract for non-agency employees

Support of mobility

Reimbursement of expenses of commuting, accommodation, and moving


We guarantee the supplementary pension after 1 year of employment


Subsidized canteen and warm food for all shifts

Language courses

We cover language training during working hours

Technical training

An elaborate system of technical and managerial training

Relaxing activities

Allowance for relaxing activities FLEXIPASS (sport, massage, etc.)

Cheaper calls

Cheaper phone calls for your family and close ones.

Financial advice

The services of a professional adviser for insurance, mortgage, loans, etc.

Social events

Regular sports and cultural events

Strongly growing company

In 5 years we doubled the value of orders from our customers

International environment

In Valeo are colleagues from more than 30 different countries

Open job offers for technicians

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