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Give us your helping hand!

Our operators ensure efficient utilization of manufacturing techniques in the production of air-conditioning. They are in charge of the partial or complete manufacturing of the product. The part of their job is also quality testing at the end of the production line.


Increase in salary

We increase the salary of our employees depending on the results of the company at least once a year.


The open-ended contract

We offer an open-ended contract and job security to all of our permanent employees.


We'll take care of you

Subsidized meals, washing of work clothes, company doctor, transportation, financial consultancy

Job offers Humpolec | Rakovnik | Zebrak

Machine operator

Manual assembly of air-conditioning units, control panels, evaporators or compressors of air conditioning for cars.

Logistic operator

Work in the warehouse and the supply with production lines of parts and packing material.

We offer

  • an interesting salary
  • a rich program of benefits
  • work with leading production technologies

We expect

  • elementary or high school education
  • manual dexterity
  • willingness to learn new things

Send us a request depending on where you want to work.

What is it like to work with us

Read the stories of some of our employees and learn what does a machine operator do

Sarka Hasalova

Sarka Hasalova

APU assembly operator

Šárka works as an operator on the Valeo APU assembly line for 5 years. Despite the fact that she has a degree in the field of chef-waiter and business from a community college, she decided to apply for a job in Valeo, because she knew the industrial zone in Zebrak. Read more

Ivo Kučera

Ivo Kučera

Operator brazing line 5

Ivo works as an operator on the Valeo APU Brazing line for the two years in the department for disassembly of blocks. His task is to disassemble the blocks that come out of the oven after the soldering process and to pass these blocks to a colleague who tests them for tightness. Read more

Diana Drakslova

Diana Drakslova

Teamleader APU Assembly

Diana works for Valeo for 1.5 years. She joined the APU assembly the Tube assembly position where she worked for three months and then received the opportunity to move to more complex Core assembly position. Read more

Silvia Knapikova

Silvia Knapikova

Teamleader, projekt CMF1

Silvia works on the 80th line of the CMF1 project as a Team leader. She is responsible for the quality of her products and also for the quality of production on her shift. She works in Valeo for 9 years and likes the environment in the company. Read more

All what can you get for your efforts


Adequate salary with regular raising

Regular bonuses

A six-month bonus and monthly bonuses dependent on the economic results of the company

An open-ended contract

For all non-agency employees


You can take up to 5 weeks of vacation


Subsidized canteen and warm food for all shifts

Transportation subsidy

Bus service or a financial contribution for commuting with your own car


We guarantee the supplementary pension after 1 year of employment

Relaxing activities

Allowance for relaxing activities FLEXIPASS (sport, massage, etc.)


We wash your work clothes

Company doctor

Ensures preventive check-ups, eye and mark examinations. You don’t have to visit your family doctor.

Cheaper calls

Cheaper phone calls for your family and close ones

Perspective company

A stable international company with a leading position in the market

Financial advice

The services of a professional adviser about insurance, mortgage, loans, etc.

Social events

Regular sports and cultural events

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