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Smarter cars need smart people

Valeo Czech Republic ranks among the world largest suppliers in the automotive industry. We develop hi-tech products that make driving more comfortable, enjoyable, safer, environmentally friendly, and easier as well. Our technologies are unique, our products innovative and that’s why we set the direction the automotive industry will take in the future.

Develop your technical talent

Do you love technology? With us, you will experience it. We offer you the opportunity for self-fulfillment and long-term perspective. Discover new opportunities for your professional growth.

Experience it too!

Join us in creating the automotive future. Let´s set together the direction the new technology in the automotive industry will take. Let’s develop products which will one day become an indispensable part of every car. Let’s produce parts the cars of today need.

The future

We create the future of cars, thanks to the work in the R&D department and cooperate with well-known automakers.


We invest heavily in research, development and education, and support the career development and self-fulfillment.


We have 3 production sites in the Czech Republic – in Humpolec, Žebrák and Rakovník and one development and research center in Prague.


We are the leader in the promising field of automotive and focus on new technology.

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Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s.
Kuštova ulice 2596/II
269 01
Česká republika
+420 313 527 111 (recepce / pro kontakty, podněty, stížnosti)
+420 313 527 236 (personální oddělení pro nábor)
Valeo Výměníky Tepla s.r.o.
Skandinávská 992
267 53 Žebrák
Česká republika
+ 420 319 800 204
Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s.
Sázečská 247/2
108 00 Praha
Česká republika
+ 420 225 355 103
Valeo Compressor Europe, s.r.o.
Central Trade Park 1571
396 01
Česká republika
Tel. +420 565 505 111

Take a tour through our modern premises and experience the workplace of our colleagues in R&D and production. Today virtually, tomorrow maybe live.

We actively participate in career fairs and automotive events. Visitors are welcome on our regular open day events. Do you want to meet and chat with your potential future colleagues? Check out our calendar of events so that we can look forward to seeing you.

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